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A funny, lively podcast produced by avid videogamers, about video games, how they effect our lives, the news and information around them and the occasional hilarity and memories we take away from it all.

Episode 188 of the GameoverCast is up and at them!

This week Nij, Radar, Kin and Danny talk games, all kind of games!

The show opens with the guys catching up after a long break, some longer than others (that is what she said).

Games discussed include Assasins Creed 4, Strike Vector, Crysis 3, Divinity Original Sin and mucho more!

We discuss news such as Crytek in financial trouble and the comeback of the Wii?

There is a gaming quiz, the topic: Famous gaming quotes!

We close on an awesome email from an awesome listener :)


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Hello and welcome to episode 187!

This week We talk Destiny, Xenonauts, WildStar, Assassins creed 4 black flag and mucho mucho more!

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Hello and welcome to our 2014 E3 special!

This week Nij Danny and Radar talk E3. 

We talk Nintendos impressive showing, including the new Zelda game, Xbox ones apology and PS4 continued strength.

We also talk some games, games like no mans sky, Assassins Creed Unity, the new Tomb Raider games, Uncharted 4 and mucho mucho more!


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Hello and welcome to episode 186 of the GameOverCast! 
This weeks Hindenburg is brought to you by Radar, Jay, Danny Palmer and special guest star Chris O'Reagan from the Sausage Factory podcast. 
The show opens with Danny bedazzling us with his Fifa conquests, and Chris tells of his streaming adventures.

In games we talk some Kerbal space program, Wolfenstein, Transistor, Minecraft and more. 

Imminent releases has us wishing Nintendo games were not Nintendo platform exclusive, and worrying for Murdered Souls Suspect. 
In news we talk PS+ for PS4 owners, Star Wars woes and mucho more!

We finish with an awesome email from down under!


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The show opens with Nij having an old school pseudo Lan, and then we talk football, kind of, well Radar just winds up Nijinsky....

Danny as always has a gaming related story, this time a game inspired fancy dress party.


In games Nijinsky talks Persona 4, Powerstone, Radarhead is hooked on Spacecrack aka Kerbal Space Program and Tom fulfils his twilight fantasies by playing Vampire the Masquerade.


In imminent releases we get excited about Watch Dogs and unfortunately Mario Kart 8 (unfortunate as none of us have a WII U).


In news we get heated about Kinnectless XBONE, our jaws drop at Sonys Annual loss and Witcher 3 news causes some contention.


We finish with some absolutely awesome Emails and Hatemail from our awesome and hatey listeners!


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Hello and welcome to episode 184 of the GameOverCast!

This week we talk Kerbal space program, Shadowfall returns, Dark Souls 2, War Thunder and mucho more.


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Hello and welcome to episode 183 of the GameOverCast!

This week Nijinsky, Radar, Major tom and a drunk Danny drop the gaming beats.

The show opens with Tom regretting a missed opportunity, and then Nijinsky reveals to us the internal strife faced in every day Guild leading.

In games we talk Arma 3, Uncharted Vita, Dragon Age 1 and 2 and mucho more.

Imminent releases and news get kind of mixed up, and we end up getting further confused about Daylight, and surprised at their Bungie music news.

The show closes with a truly legendary Hall of fame Entry (teehee).


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Hello and welcome to episode 182 of the GameOverCast!

This week Nijinsky, Radar, Danny and Tom bring the hate.

The show opens with the good news that Nijinsky is now engaged, woop! Radar breaks protocol and passionately talks something completely unrelated to gaming.....

In games we talk mor Titan fall, FTL Advanced edition, Dragon Age 2 and mucho more.

In news Radar gets ragey about Notch, Molyneux and Bruce Lee?!

The show closes with us discussing whether Atari deserves the reputation it has.


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Hello and welcome to episode 181!

This week Jay, Radar and Nij bring the pain(in the ears)!

Nij tells us how he wasted money on a Final Fantasy 14 musical Blue ray, and then he goes on to his epic struggle to get his PC working again.

In games we talk Titan Fall, Final Fanatasy 14, Dragon Age Origins and Nij goes all retro on us!

We talk the old Oculus rift news (The shock of Facebook buying them), and finish with some Awesome emails from our awesome listeners, and an odd music advertising request.....


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Hello and welcome to Episode 180 of the GameOverCast (which should have been up a week ago, and infact Radarhead thought he had uploaded it...)!

This week featuring Jay, Radarhead, Ninazu, Tom and Danny (DP) Palmer!

The show opens with Radarhead talking about the oddity of being out of his man cave for so long, Danny turns his living room into a man cave, regardless of his housemates.

In games we Talk all aspects of Titanfall. AND THEN we talk all aspects of Dark Souls 2!

Its a good week.

We move on to a terrible gaming quiz, the subject : Darksouls and Titanfall.

The show finishes on some awesome emails from our awesome listeners.



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