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Hello and welcome to episode 138 of the GameOverCast!!!
This weeks hilarity filled show is brought to you by Radar, Gibson, Tom, Jay and Kinichie.
The show opens with Radar admitting he has managed to break his headset once again and Time having the sad an embarissing news that he is going to be evicted from his man cave :(.
In Games we have been playing we talk Bioshock Infinite, Spec Ops the line, War Thunder, Super Meatboy and mucho mucho more.
News has us celebrating Ubisofts crazy, brave and awesome sounding Blood Dragon, but then has us facepalming that people have managed to obtain copies of the game already.
Kinichie brings us the gift of the quiz, the topic: Space games not based on earth , hilarity ensues.
We have another Hall of Shame entry, and the show finishes with some awesome emails from some first time emailers.
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