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Hello and welcome to episode 158 of the GameOverCast!

This week featuring Radarhead, PJBling and the legendary Kropotkin(Chris O'Regan)!

The show opens with Kropotkin regaling us of the awesome that is Pax Prime, PJBling tells us of his new puppy vs gaming cables woes, and Radarhead shows his cruler side by wireless tormenting his next door neighbour...

In games we talk Last of us, Mass Effect 3, TitanFall, Rome 2 and a bunch of cool sounding Indy titles

Theres news and plenty of it, and we get all giddy about GTA V....

We finish with some great interview for F1 2013, Stronghold Crusader 2, Command and Conquer and mucho mucho more!

OH WAIT that's a lie! We finish with our awesome competition to win a PC copy of Saints Row 4 and a Tritton headset!

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