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A funny, lively podcast produced by avid videogamers, about video games, how they effect our lives, the news and information around them and the occasional hilarity and memories we take away from it all.
Hello listeners,
This week the crew is complete once again with the return of the Madcat.

In games we wax lyrical Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Fallout 3 and bayonetta amongst others.

Moving on to Imminent releases we cover our hopes for Transformers War for Cybertron, Crackdown 2 and talk a little about flying horses in the Red Dead Redemption Coop release.

In to news we cover some E3 caveats that we missed last week, and then get all grouchy and loud about the UK Government dropping the promised and beneficial Game developers tax break..... Still angry about that one....

What comes next is a suprise! Oh ok I'll tell you, its A QUIZ!!!!! Woop! Join in with the incomptetent contestants as they all fail to get the first 3 questions right .

Subject of the week this week is game pricing, is it fair, should it be cheaper, and what rationalises our expenditure.

Finally we answer some revealing listener questions and talk smack about PSN+.


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Episode 3 - or errm E3 for short....


This week we are broadcasting while the second day of E3 is taking place across the seas.

The podcast is hosted by PJBling, MrGibson and special guest Ninazu (Aka Steve), oh and me. Once again Madcat is unable to join us due to work engagements, though he does make up for it with the recording of a small EVE flavored feature.

In games played we cover such fantastical games such as Mario Galaxy 2, Blur, Protect me my Prince and more.

Madcat spews forth a diary like entry of his time in EVE this week. Pretty much geared for the EVE playing listeners out there, but still of interest to anyone thinking of trying otu EVE.

Imminent games discussed include Demon's souls (more annoying to say out loud than you may think), Transformers war for Cybertron.... Nuff said....

News is pretty much dominated by our picks from E3 so far, from all major platforms, our thoughts on Move, Kinect and a smattering of newly announced games.

Subject of the week this week is: Game iterations negative effect on innovation in the industry and how it effects YOU the gamer.

The question of the week is supplied by the Rage filled Haitch, he asks: what game do you wish you'd completed, but never did, and Vice Versa.

For note - this weeks episode is an unfortunate 1H:15 min in length(be grateful, it WAS 2H:30 prior to editing). This is due in no small part to E3, damn you E3 and all the succulent offerings you bring!


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Episode 2 - Attack of the Tardcasters!

Episode 2 is here, and on a the Friday as promised! Aren't we good to you?


This week Madcat is unable to join us due to work, however we do have PJBling and MrGibson, as well as special guest and creator of our opening music, Kinichie.


In this episode we open with discussing what platforms we currently own and game on, then shockingly move on to games played this week.

The games discussed include Dragon age, Sleep is death, Final fantasy 13 and Dead space among others.

Next we decide whether the imminent release of Rock band Greenday interests us and move into news of the week.

Ice T in Gears 3, the new ipod, the Asymmetric style of Fear 3 are among the news subjects argued/discussed/taken the pee pee out of.

The subject of the week is the march forward of 3D gaming, is it inevitable, why are they doing it and what we think of it.

Last but not least we have a bunch of listener questions which get a final dicussion boiling, but then simmer down with some last minute hilarity......


A quick note to our dear dear listeners, we are finally on ITUNES!!!! woop! Subscribe here!



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Episode 1 is here!


Going forward we will be aiming to release the podcast every Friday.

Unfortunately at the time of this posting I-tunes has still not verified the feed for Gamerstard-cast, so unless you manually add the feed into itunes you will have to download it from this blog.


This week myself, PJbling, MrGibson and Madcat talk about games... Shocking I know.

We open with a brief impression of the games we have been playing, these include Red Dead Redemption multiplayer impressions, Geomatry Wars, H.A.W.X and many more.

Next we stammer in disappointment at the trainwreck that is Alpha Protocol, a game we were all looking forward to.

News revolves around the passing of a small legend, Natal cost confirmation and the comparison between cocaine and gaming......

The subject of the week this week is RAGE! Why we rage, who has raged and what game made us rage the most.

Last but not least questions from listeners, 1 of which calls into question how far would you go to continue to have the ability to play games.....


A quick note on the podcast:

1. The first 10 minutes sound quality is a little poor, it improves vastly though so don't be put off.

2. Whilst recording we were under the impression (my bad) that we were going to be fully explicit in our use of language, so please forgive the many bleeps you may hear...

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Episode 0 officially here

Well here it is, episode 0. As is evident from the podcast the crew(MrGibson, Pjbling, and Madcat) and I are all kind of learning the ropes, but if I do say so myself it turns out pretty damned good in the end.

A very quick intro as to what this actually is. A podcast about games, not a review cast, not a preview cast, and not something based around the editorial of a magazine or a website.  It is infact  4 friends who have spent a large portion of their lives playing computer games way of venting our views about games, the industry and the public perception of gaming in general. It is occasionally funny, occasionally insightful, occasionally informative but hopefully always entertaining.

We hope you enjoy.


This week in games we've been playing, we talk about red dead redemption, splinter cell conviction, sleep is death and round up with a spattering of GTA IV. Oh and there's our terrified impressions of the just released Prince of Persia movie..... News bits spark multiple conversations dealing with upcoming game to movie adaptations, what we think will work, the best so far, and why they generally dont work at all. We then move on to some quotes which encompass why adult themed games are for adults not for kids, and why parents need to take note, and responsibility. The discussion this week is based around games going digital, how we ready we think console gamers are, the effects this will have on publishers and developers alike and theorize on the time it will take for the (possible) eventual shift to predominantly digital retail. Listen for Mrgibsons robot impressions, and what it takes to be a lawyer. Lastly we finish out with some listener questions (ok when i say listeners I mean a few friends who heard the -1 podcast that was never released ;) ).   Enjoy, feel free to review us on itunes, feel free to email questions and comments to -Radarhead P.S Thanks to Kinichie for the cool intro music, and to jimby for the 15 minute logo.

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