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Episode 9 - The Irregulars

This weeks GamersTardcast in association with Gamers Voice podcast is funny, very funny, very very funny, very very very ... You get the idea, its funny.

The generation of laughter is mostly down to our two special guests Ninazu(from the E3 special), and Jay Williams(from the Anti farmville cast) mixing it up with the normal crew (minus PJBling) with hilarious consequences.

We open up the cast with a love letter to the new Xbox 360 from Jay and then Madcat gives us example of why games aren't a very good life lesson, after all the pimp DOES have all the money (not the Ho).

In games we have been playing we talk a heck of A LOT of Limbo, well everyone but me.. Damned Burglars. Madcat tells us about he likes playing with toy soldiers, and MrPGibson closes out with some Mass effect 2 hate (the crazy demented person).

The imminent games section is mostly devoted Starcraft 2, and RIGHTLY so! Oh Blizzard how you play with my heart strings.

News has us apprehensively discussing the recently announced StreetfighterxTekken, wondering if and how it can work. We talk of the brilliance of epic, and their decision to allow their fans to A) benefit charity and B) decide the fate of a key game character in Gears of war 3. We finish out the news section with our disgust in the Daily stars ridiculous printed error.

Our impromptu topic of the week is as thus : gamers shouting so loud they get their way, a good thing?

Enjoy the show, it's the funniest one yet :).

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This week we once again have a full crew, that makes 3 weeks in a row for
the madcat (no small achievement)!
The show opens with Madcat revealing how innocent he is, me lamenting my
loss of goods to evil doing burglars and we move swiftly into games being
The games lucky enough for us to play this week are as folows: More Dragon Age,
Valves FREE Alien Swarm, Joe Danger, Assasins Creed 1.... And Eve but his
time not by madcat?!?!?!
Imminent releases revolve around Microsoft's summer of arcade, and the epic
long awaited sequel to Blizzards country reviving hit, Starcraft 2!
News items discussed involve, more Bobby Kotick dislike, Laysoffs by Sony,
the end of 1 Vs 100 (including Gibsons closet confession) and a funny story
about the some idiot who travelled all the way to Japan just to get the
worlds first sold Gen 4 I-POD, just to fail in more ways than one....
The Quiz this week has been reclaimed by me, and is a sound based quiz once
again. The subject being death/loss sounds/themese from various classic games.

Topic of the week is :
Will games ever be as prevalent in society as music/film?

We finish out with another question for the Cookie Monster.

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Hey All,

This week the full cast is here, however we are also joined all the way from the Americas by a super awesome games industry free lance writer, Tyler Barber of Rebel FM fame, WOOP! He's a seriously cool guy who was kind enough to take up a fans invitation to join us for a show.

This week we discuss real life sonic the hedgehog wannabe's, Tea and the threat of poo particles when playing handhelds on the toilet....

In games we discuss Crackdown 2, DAO - Leliana's song, A little more Transformers and finish with an interesting indie by the name of Coma.

In imminent releases we gush over DeathSpank, and pretty much skip over Black Ops Tango Down.

News has us concerned over more industry layoffs, quotes from Mr Molyneux make us smile, poltically edged comments from Ed Vazey at the develop conference lined with a little hope and some straight truth talking by Tim Schafer.

The quiz this week is hi-jacked by that evil mastermind Mr.Gibson, the theme : name that Game world.

The Subject of the week is : Are modern Game controllers too complex are Kinect and move the next evolution, and if not what is?

We finish off with questions from our loveley listeners.

Once again thanks to Tyler Barber for gracing our humble little podcast with his presence.

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P.s Massive apologies for my TERRIBLE sound quality, my usual high quality mic was destroyed during a drunken Rock band party without my knowledge until 5 minutes before recording.....

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The good news this week is the return of the MadCat, with PJbling and myself. The bad news is Mr Gibson could not make it. Instead our guest is Jay Santamaria, and if he has not been killed by his wife and /or her friends (you’ll see) then he may join us again in the future.

 This week, thanks to MadCat,  we start with  his first encounter with a woman of negotiable affection

We talk up a mix of games old and new – We all still are loving Transformers, Jay talks Fable 2 in the run up to the launch of Fable 3. Radarhead tells us the games  he's been playing to appease the girlfriend and Pjbling gets all excited about Joe Danger.

In news, and looking back at the casual games discussion of last week we discuss the on going world takeover by Farmville and we slap our forheads in dismay as news of a GTA inspired molotov cocktail attack foiled by its delicious ingredients.

The quiz this week focuses on naming  the leading bad guy from games gone by and in what can only be described as a Madcat domination.

Subject of the week: Demos. Are they still as relevant? Do we need them? Would you have bought the game if not for the demo etc

We finish up with a couple of questions from the listeners.

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Episode 5 - More Than Meets The Ears.

Hello peoples of the world!

This week the tardcast is once again lacking the Madcat. Fear not though as we are joined by guest, David Morgan aka RavenDaemon, a clever funny Welshman (no that is not an oxymoron).

In games we talk some Blur, JRPG's, Bioshock 2's ending, but most importantly the game the Tardcast crew have been awaiting with baited breath and have mentioned in at least 3 podcasts leading up to this one...... We finish with a report from the Madcat from outer space.

Imminent releases revolves around the marmite that is Crackdown 2, and a little on the MMO AllPointsBulletin.

Moving swiftly into news we warn Mr Gibson on the pitfalls of playing games with defendants, talk up some Reach Coop and salivate at Lost Planets 2 DLC and mourn the loss of Milo.

The quiz this week is a quickfire buzz in challenge based on lead playable characters in games, with some misleading questions thrown in just for fun, hilarity ensues...

The subject of the week is thus: The "casual" market its growth and its potential threat on to the "Hardcore/mainstream" market.

Finally we round off with some questions.

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