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Episode 13 - The Gamescom experience....

Hello and welcome to Episode 13 of the GameOverCast in association with Gamers Voice.

This episode the crew (in all its glory) is joined by a sore-throated Ninazu and the creator of our awesome website Kinichie.

The show opens with Ninazu complaining about some crazy guy phoning him from Germany. Regaling him with tales of booth babes and gaming exploits. Turns out that crazy person was me! For the rest of the intro me and Madcat talk of out time in Gamescom Cologne and recall the awesome time we had, the amazing things we saw and the very cool people we met.

In games we have been playing we talk more Monday night combat, Borderlands, Split Second and Laracroft and the guardian of light...............

AND THEN Madcat and myself plunge forth with the sheer amount of games we played at Gamescom. Here's the list of the things we talk about; Diablo 3, Deaf Jam Rap Star, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, MTV's Dance Central, Civ 5, Dragon Age 2, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2, Motorstorm Apocolypse, Fear 3, Kinnectimals, Kinnect Adventures, Killzone 3, Infamous 2. 

The we talk about games played/demonstrated in great detail; Rage, Home Front, Call of Duty Black Ops, Deus Ex 3.

Finally we talk about our epic experience with Crysis 2 including our interview with it's console multiplayer developer Steve Lewis. It was a very revealing and awesome interview, most definetly worth listening to!

A short imminent release section featuring Mafia 2 and Shank only.

In News we decry the idiocy of one Liam Fox. A very very silly MP and the Secretary of State for Defence... Sigh

The quiz this week is topical and based around Madcat and myselfs adventures in Gamescom, including one or two embarissing moments..

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Hey and welcome to Episode 12 of the GameOverCast in association with Gamersvoice.

This weeks shorter than usual episode features the audio talents of the full crew(Ninazu,Pjbling,Madcat,MrGibson and myself).

We open this podcast with an impressive show of energy, followed by an advertising example demonstrated by Ninazu that I think we could all learn from.

In games we've been playing we talk some Bad Company 2, Napolean Total war, Monday night combat and more.

News includes PS3 announcements, Sequel announcements, and a lot of joy at all the things Madcat and I are looking forward to see at Gamescom.

Random Rage this week is brought to you by Madcat.

The quiz is brilliant, Name the character name and type of animal, presented by Ninazu. i.e I am blue and spikey and I like your ring. Sonic..... Obviously.

We close out with goodbuys and kisses and plugging the new podcast website Http:// .

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Due to the fact that I haven't stopped since getting Cologne I haven't had time to edit the latest episode of the GameOverCast, It'll be up by Sunday hopefully. In the meantime just know that I'm thinking of you all, and having a very tiring but absolutely great time.



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Welcome to the newly named podcast, same sh*t different name :), still in association with Gamersvoice.
This week the crew is joined by Ninazu and the guy responsible for the new logo (and up n coming website) Kinichie. Unfortunately Madcat managed to destroy his microphone prior to the podcast so he was unable to make an appearance.
We start the podcast off with a description of the gaming bar we had the pleasure of getting a little drunk at on the weekend, followed by a recap of the man date myself and MrGibson shared, with hilarious consequences!
Games we've been playing is mainly occupied by Starcraft 2 , however we also manage to talk some Split Second, Trasnformers WFC, Deathspank and Company of heroes online.
The gaming industry is light on releases once again this week, however Monday night combat and Scott Pilgrim vs the world are both discussed to some length.
News has us amazed at how fast Blizzcon sold out, pittying the poor EVE player who lost cargo worth over $1000 in real life, we close out with me salivating with the though of all the games me and Madcat or going to get to see/ try  out at Gamescom next week....
Random Rage.
The quiz this week is awesome, the theme: who am I? A photo finish that ends in hilarity (as always)!
We close out the podcast by deciding on our new name, thanks once again for all idea entries, long live GameOverCast!!!! And farewell GamersTardCast.

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Episode 10 - Time for change?

Well hello there people and welcome to the final GamersTardCast(don't worry we arent going anywhere).
This week on the podcast(in association with GamersVoice) we are joined by the game tourettes suffering, candyfloss blurting Ninazu, along with the usual crew of Pjbling, PjGibson , Madcat and myself.
As usual Madcat opens up with some random nonsense, at least this week its not about harming anyone but himself. Me and Gibson discuss our impending man date, and everyone else just gets plain jealous!

In games we've been playing we talk Some JRPG(ergghhh), I-phone games(eh) and a hell of a lot of Starcraft 2:Wings of Liberty(WOOP)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The impending games discussion this week is limited to Xbox live arcades Castlevania. Slim pickings, probably due to Starcraft 2 scaring everyone away from this release period.
News has us talking about the sale of Xfire, Activisions CEO losing a sexual harrassment case, Ultimas Richard Garriott being a loser and only being awarded 28 million dollars in his case against NCSoft and the ultimate PC case mod.
The quis this week is brought to you by Mr PjGibson, the theme : Powerups in games.
Subject of the week : Will you allow your children to play games as much as you have?
Now back to the "final GamersTardCast", to explain, we are changing our name. To what? Who knows? YOU DO!
Email in name suggestions, the person with the winning suggestion will win an as of yet to be determined prize!
Email name suggestions, questions, comments and general stuff to

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Enjoy the final GamersTardCast!


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