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A funny, lively podcast produced by avid videogamers, about video games, how they effect our lives, the news and information around them and the occasional hilarity and memories we take away from it all.
Episode 17 - The one with Kropotnik...dammit Kropotkin!!!

Hello people who are reading this, and welcome to episode 17 of the GameOverCast in association with GamersVoice!

This week the podcast is made up of Ninazu, MrPGibson, myself, and special guest Chris “Kropotkin” O’Regan joining us from the SuperHappyFunTimeShow!

We kick off the show with Gibson regailing us with storys of his University life 2.0, then move into Ninazu revealing his nefarious plot to get his wife hooked on more IPhone games, with you, the listeners help!

In games we've been playing we talk some Amnesia: the Dark Descent, more Halo Reach(hate for Gibsons greifing in Halo), Civ 5, Playstation Move(despite the sexual innuendos) and then we move into Hydrophobia.

I say we move into Hydrophobia, we actually managed to get an interview at the devs studios!! It was an awesome interview, thanks to Pete and Rob for their time. GET THIS GAME, ITS AWESOME! Also listen to the interview, and/or the 1h:20min uneditted separately downloadable version of the interview, its riveting.

In imminent releases we are shocked by how many games are coming out on the Friday, including Civ 5, F1 2010 and Dead Rising 2!?!?

News = APB epic failure, GoG's bad joke and more.

The quiz this week is awesome as usual, the theme: Name the odd one out.

We finish of the podcast by answering some listener questions, joy!

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Check out Kropotkin's show and website here: SHFTS, its very much fun times.

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Hello and welcome to the GameOverCast epidsode 16, in association with GamersVoice.
This week we have the usual crew, minus the cat(he's fine, just busy whenever we do a cast, cleaning himself). 
The episode opens with us talking about us eating, living and sleeping Halo reach, makes a quick detour to talk a bit more about some Demon's Souls, then goes straight back to Reach. 
We spend a good 15 minutes talking Halo Reach , its campaign, the coop, the AI, Firefight, Forge mode and of course the epic multiplayer suite. We like it... 
In immenant releses we almost forget that the 'bound to be awesome' Civ 5 is out next week, along with probably to be awesome F1 2010.
In news we talk some TGS anouncements including Devil may cry 5, A new Steel Battalion game(on Kinnect..) and Microsofts latest Faux Pas as their new slim hard drive-less Xbox model fails to play Halo Reach coop.....
This quiz the week is provided by Ninazu of candyfloss fame, the theme : Weapons in games. 
Subject of the week has us questioning whether developers should need to worry morality when developing their creations. 
We finish off by going through some letters sent by you, our lovely listeners. 
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Hello and welcome to episode 15 of the GameOverCast in association with GamersVoice.
Once again this week we are without the cat and the Bling, however guests Jay and Ninazu do their best to fill the hole left in our(and your) hearts.
We open the podcast With Jay giving us an update on his DS hooked kids, and Ninazu makes us all jealous with his description of his brand new shiny gaming room!
In Games we've been playing we talk some Dragon quest :Sentinels of the stary sky, More Mass effect 2, Angry Birds, Modern Warfare 2, Sam and Max and Pixel jump Shooter.
Imminent releases has us talking Spider man, Ruse and HALO REACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
News we talk Gearbox news, I.E Duke Nukem forevers revival/reveal and confirmed release schedule, we also talk about such fun things as Xbox banning users from Fort Gay ( a real place). We also talk some epic news on Gears of war 3 and their charity kill/save Carmine accomplishments.
Quiz this week was to be done by Gibson, but due to technical failures we travel back in time and let Jay do it.
Subject of the week is Video game films, why they fail, and what needs to be done to make them work.
Mail, we have Mail!!!! Woop! We go through them!
We finish off with Gibson talking about a charity known as Specialeffect which specialises in helping young people with disabilities to use leisure technology. Check out their link, and donate! its for a good cause!
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Hello world and welcome to episode 14 of the GameOverCast, in association with GamersVoice.

In this episode we are missing not one but two cast members, Madcat and PjBling!! Thankfully we are joined joined by Ninazu, MRPGibson, Jay Williams (The daddy), David aka RavenDaemon (the Welsh daddy).

We open the show with some fatherly hypocracy from Jay as he attempts to deal with his sons getting hooked with games, and move on to ravig about Scott Pilgrim Vs the World.

In games we talk some Demon's souls, Starcraft 2, Dawn of war 2 and some Mass Effect 2!

News has us happy that PSP's are helping rescue some trapped miners, happy that more Dragon Age DLC is on its way, and finally confused at the new project by telltale games.

Oh and we have another segment dedicated to some further news around Crysis 2, clearing up some inaccuracies derived from last weeks interview, and reveal a few other little tidbits.

The quiz this week is as usal, hilarious. The theme : Films based on video Games.

The return of subject of the week has us discussing whether or not the videogames industry needs to grow the hell up, the subject : Lack of Gender/ethnic diversity in games.

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