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Episode 22 - Fear the Reaper

Welcome everyone to Epsiode 22 of the GameOverCast in association with Gamersvoice.

This week the podcast is made up of JaySantamaria, Madcat and death himself, MrPGibson.

We kick off with Gibson comparing games to getting a parking ticket, and slide from there into Jay sharing with us his experiences with his shiny new windows phone.

In games we talk a hella bunch of Fallout New Vegas, Super Meatboy and touch on some podcasts favorites such as L4D2 and Split Second.

In imminent releases we once again flumaxed by the sheer number of big titles due out, including Rockband 3 and and Forced Unleashed 2.

In News Blizzard pissed with Valve, Diablo 3 5th character confirmation Fallout Online, Tribes Reboot and more!

Oh and heres the Sonic fan game Link.

Quiz this week is brought to you by MrPGibson, the theme.... well there isn't one its random, but awesome as always.

Subject of the week is brought to us by you our lovely listeners as we read through some quality emails. The theme this week: what is a Hardcore gamer, does he/she even exist?

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Episode 21 - The one where the quiz was bling

Hello and welcome to Episode 21 of the GameOverCast in association with Gamers Voice.

The full crew of Gibson, Radar, Ninazu and Madcat are in the house although Bling arrives late for this weeks extravaganza.

This week the Japanese get a lot of love with the Naruto fanboys Ninazu and Radar waxing lyrical about the most recent manga adaptation to hit the shelves.  Enslaved and Halo are still in the playlist with a smattering of Civilzation thrown in for good measure.

New releases are hotting up as the year is winding towards a close with Super Meat Boy finally hitting XBLA, Fallout going all Vegas and Vanguard making an appearance.

Polyphony Digital have a hellavu lot of explaining to do about Gran Turismo 5 and we discuss stream size and all the ins and outs.

Kropotkin from materialises for the Big Developers quiz hosted by Radarhead which has its usual competitive edge.

Emotional times in the dual action topics of the week as the amazement over the Gamestation achievement system hits home and future retention in the game industry sparks an interesting debate.

If all this isn't enough Gibson believes he can sing, you be the judge...

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Episode 20 - Do a Barrel Roll

Hello and welcome to Episode 20 of the GameOverCast in association with Gamers Voice.

This week we are minus Madcat and PJBling but plus Call of Duty fiend Jay 'Who's the Daddy' Santamaria.

Swearing is naughty and can get you in to trouble.  Continuing the theme from last week who do you think will get to star as the lead in a Take That song for being the first to utter an expletive this episode?  Punishment is fun.

Gibson goes all Reach forge in what we've been playing whilst Jay gives us an interesting insight into Enslaved: Odyssey to the West in all its action adventure goodness.  Left 4 Dead gets new content so gets a big revisit including some gnome hugging along the way.

Upcoming games are exciting Ninazu and Radarhead with Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 due out this week whilst the behemoth that is Medal of Honor is not getting much interest from any of the crew.

An important and informative interview is included recorded at Eurogamer descibing the brilliant work done by charity Special Effect, a must listen.  Their website is

Things get a bit crazy in the quiz hosted by Mr Gibson meaning we have had to edit out about 5 minutes of uncontrollable laughter due to this. Theme this week: Famous quotes from games.

It all gets wrapped up beautifully in subject of the week provided by our competiton winner until Radar's internet fails 3 times meaning we have to finish without him, peace at last.

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Episode 19 - "Cool for Cats" or "on the Brink"

Hello fine Ladies and Gents and welcome to episode 19 of the GameOverCast, in association with Gamersvoice.

This week the crew is minus a PJBling, but plus a Kinichie.

We open the podcast with MrPGibson and I waxing lyrical about our time and thoughts around Eurogamer which we attended the weekend before. Ninazu tells us how his wife has sabotaged his plans to make her a gamer girl by smashing her iphone against the floor.

In games we've been playing we cover a plethora of games, Namely Assasins Creed Brotherhood, BulletStorm, Medal of Honour, Gears of war 3, Crysis 2 single player and Brink!

We also managed to get a very awesome interview with Splash damage regarding Brink, apologies for the sound quality, however the content is awesome none the less.

At this point Madcat joins the fray and it all goes to pot..

The quiz manages to survive the experience, presented by Ninazu, the theme : Japanese games.

Listen and enjoy!

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Episode 18 - The bleeping episode

Hello podcast peoples and welcome to episode 18 of the GameOverCast in association with GamersVoice.

This weeks episode is brought to you by people of questionable moral and mental stability, as is more than evident by the contents of the show.
Featuring Me(Radarhead/Mike), MrGibson, PJBling, Ninazu and guest starring Jay Williams.

The show opens with a usual train wreck of an intro and quickly turns into us berating Ninazu at failing to make progress getting his wife addicted to more hard-core games than last week (the peak so far being Air Control). As well as a mention that everyone on the show (bar Ninazu) will be attending Eurogamer expo on Sunday the 3rd of Oct.

In Games we talk a massive amount of CIV 5, quite a bit about Formula 1 2010 (including the type of car you get to drive.....), some I-phone and I-pad games and more.

Imminent releases has us excited about Hydrophobia, Meh'ing at FF14, exctatic about LFD 1/2 DLC and feeling mixed about the new FIFA game.

News items of the week include : Trapped Chilean Miners not allowed play their PSP's, LBP2 pushed back to 2011(including hilarity caused by my verbal dyslexia).

The quiz this week: Who am I - Bad Guy edition. Its hilarious as usual, tears of laughter, hate and tension(its possible) pour forth.

Subject of the week is a mini "What game universe would you live in?", the answers generally suck, but are nonetheless very funny, and revealing of the people involved....

OH and there's a competition of sorts! Listen to find out!

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