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Festive Greetings Listeners! Have you been good this year? Let's hope so, otherwise Santa won't bring you any nice presents!

PJBling has a plan to try and capture Santa to prove he exists, but that's another story.

This week the Christmas podcast was something of a car crash. Good ol' Skype exploded and the whole world ground to a halt, including our recording! After an hour and a half of tinkering we finally worked out
an alternative recording method, but it's not our usual crystal clear quality! We therefore recommend listening to this whilst hitting the Christmas Port. And cheese. Mmmmm cheese.

Anyway! This week the podcast is brought to you by everyone. No, seriously, pretty much everyone we've had on this year has come back for a mince pie and a chat. We move away from the usual format this week to
discuss our games of the year (there are a few surprises), we have a quiz of the year brought to you by Kinichie, and we read out some more of your awesome emails!

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Have a fantastic Christmas everyone!

Loveyoulongtime. Meow.

The GameoverCast.

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Hello listeners!

Many of the emails we receive are from listeners to say they love the Gameovercast because of the way we hurl abuse at each other. Well, you only hear the edited version! Mike does a cracking job every week at editing the podcast down to an hour, but that inevitably means you lose out of some classic lines.

A lot of what we say can't be broadcast in any way (we'd lose all of our Korean listeners overnight), but I have put together a few snippets for you to mull over with your mulled wine this Christmas. You'll hear me talk with my mouth full, Ninazu burp, Mike's toilet exploits, and Jay's googling skills. After you listen to this little lot, you will appreciate how much effort actually goes into the editing!

Merry Christmas to all of you from everyone at Gamers Voice and the Gameovercast Crew.




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Greetings Gamer People and welcome to Episode 29 of the GameOverCast in association with Gamers Voice.

This week Radar gets called away to work halfway through and so the podcast is a lot calmer and quieter than usual!

MisterPGibson has been playing Front Mission Evolved much to Radar's disgust, PJ is still living it up in New Vegas, Ninazu ISN'T playing GT5 (find out why).

In Radar's absence PJBling, Ninazu and MisterPGibson have a chat about Mass Effect 3 (and how Radar was wrong about it), Radar's editing abilities, and lament the fact that there is very little coming out for what remains of 2010. 2011 is looking at being an expensive year though for people with Ninazu Syndrome and all the recent reveals. The CODBLOPS PS3 patch is also causing some troubles...

This week's quiz is brought to you by Ninazu with the theme: Fighting Games. Radar returns for the quiz because he claims he's good at fighting games and likes winning.

Wilson's Corner returns (potentially for the last time if his girlfriend gets her way) along with some great listener emails some actual blackmail, some real hatemail, and a question about ISPs.

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Hello and welcome to Episode 28 of the GameOverCast in association with Gamers Voice.

Maybe for the first time in the history of the GameOverCast the roster remains the same for two consecutive weeks, back with a bang to bring you more news views and clues about gaming are Radarhead, Mr P Gibson, PJ Bling and Ninazu.

Find out how to pronounce Blazblue properly and how Mr Gibson is always right, as well as more Gran Turismo 5 impressions after another week of play.  Halo Reach gets a new map pack which Bling and Gibson are a little bit obsessive about. Meanwhile Radar has been surprised and shocked by just how good Metro 2033 is.

There are no new games out of any note that we are vaguely interested in this week, as publishers gear up for the Christmas version of Ninazu syndrome everyone develops during the holiday period.

In news has Jumpgate Evolution finally kicked the bucket, are EA out of the single player only market, Radarhead is set to star in a new game and Civilization 5 is going to win a Grammy. Plus did the Panorama gaming addiction episode make any sense at all?

The quiz is a cunning and cryptic 'Who am I' hosted by Mr Gibson which bends the minds of all the contestants.

Wilson's Corner returns along with lots of listener emails including are modern games spending too much time on graphics now and not enough on content?

Finally a special mention to one of our super special Romanian listeners who sparks an impromptu subject of the week, you know who you are!

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Hello and welcome to Episode 27 of the GameOverCast in association with Gamers Voice.

Radarhead this week is joined by PJ Bling, Ninazu with man flu and a broken Xbox also the now down from the roof temporarily Mr P Gibson for another super fun episode.

We all have been playing lots more Assassins Creed and Need 4 Speed multiplayer and can provide more insight into the pros and cons of both especially as PJ Bling has finished Brotherhood in single player. Find out if after years of delays was Gran Turismo 5 really worth the wait?

A special interview with Wing Commander Saga programmer Andreas Schmitt which is currently being created, based on the universe from the original Wing Commander games, exciting times for space combat fans.

World of Warcraft Cataclysm is hitting the stores along with Donkey Kong Country for the Wii and Blazblue: Continuum Shift in notable new releases.

News is that Mark Wahlberg is going to be in the Uncharted movie whilst do you want to play Halo 1 in HD or buy a game with a bunch of bananas?

Andreas joins us for the now world famous Gameovercast quiz based this week on notable firsts in the world of gaming.

Lastly we have an epic discussion around gaming genres that have disappeared and some which are making returns in various forms, which old genres do you wish were still around in the modern era?

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