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Hello and welcome to Episode 156, packed full of goodness and games

This week Radar, Ninazu, Major Tom are joined onced again by the epic epicness that is Athur Tolmie from Xtreme Gaming!

The show opens with an epic story of Arthur winning an and XBOXONE!!! And then doing an incredibly sefless thing with it. We then regail with stories of debauchary at gamescom....

On the note of Gamescom we talk about the games which impressed us most, the games which dissapointed us most and the games that suprised us.

All told we talk quite in-depth about Saints Row 4, Titanfall, Oculus Rift, Xcom enemy within, Dark Souls 2, Ps4, XboxOne and so so much more!

We also have some AWESOME interviews for Darks Souls 2, Xcom Enemy Within, X-Rebirth and The Witcher 3!


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