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Hello and welcome to episode 163 of the GameOverCast!


This weeks show is brought to you by Ninazu, Nijisnky, Radarhead, Tom and last and definitely least PJBling.


The show opens with Nijisnky glowing about his new man cave, and PJBling tells us of his success in getting the awesome Special Effect to visit where he works!


In games we cover Beyond 2 Souls, The realistic intense Arma 3, DMC Devil May Cry and mucho mucho more!


In news we talk Star Citizens continued Crowdfunded success and make a sad face at the news that 2k Marin is shut for bussiness.


We finish off with a Kickstarter of interest: The Mandate, an Epic Space RPG/RTS game.



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Hello and welcome to the incredibly late episode 162 of the GameOverCast!

This week we open with PLAY expo and Tom tells of us of an awesome sonding zombie survival day!

In games we talk mucho GTA 5 multiplayer, Total War Rome 2 and Star Command.

And thats it, a short sharp sweet little show!

Enjoy :)!

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Hello and welcome to episode 161!

This weeks show is brought to you by Ninazu, Tom, Radar and Jay Santamaria!

This week we talk Diablo 3, GTA 5 Multiplayer and Steam Joypads.... 

Its a short but fun one :).


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