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This week Nij and Radar talk Xbox One, XCOM enemy Within, Eve, Swtor, PS4, Forza 4 and mucho mucho more.

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Hello and welcome to episode 166 of the GameOverCast!

This weeks show is brought to you by Ninazu, Nij, Radar and Major Tom!


The show opens with Nijinsky telling us about his game absent birthday blues, and things don't get much better from there :).


In games we talk Battlefield 4, why EVE is good, Hearthstone, Mini towers Star Wars and talk about what we think some of the worst games of the generation are.


Imminent releases has us talking XBOX ONE LAUNCH! Many games and a new bloody consoles!


In news we talk PS4 release and have a discussion about the use of Kinnect.


We finish the show with a fun subject of the week, what is our Worst game of the generation? The answers may genuinely surprise you!


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Hello and welcome to episode 165, THE GAME OF THE GENERATION SPECIAL!!!!!!!! 

This weeks show is an all star cast NINAZU, RADARHEAD, PJBLING, DANNY, NIJINSKY, MAJOR TOM, JAY and once again GIBSON! 

We discuss/argue all the great games of this generation including Mass Effect, Bioshiock, Fallout 3, Skyrim, Last of Us, Uncharted 2, Dark Souls, Red Dead Redemption and mucho mucho more. 

We all take turns talking about our great loves of the last 7 years, and spliced throughout it all we have clips sent in by listeners and friends of the show including: Lee from CodeMasters, Chris from SPonG, Dan from Pemiere PR, Arthur from Xtreme gaming, Xan from GameBurst James from Cane and Rinse, and so many more awesome people who sent in their game choices. 

In the end we vote on our GameOverCast game of the generation, and you will NOT see it coming.... 

Enjoy, and thanks so much for listening and contributing, you guys are just the absolute awesome.

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Hello and welcome to Episode 164!

This weeks energetic audio car crash is brought to you by Jay, Danny, Tom, Radarb and (holy shit!) Gibson!!!!!!!!!!!

The opens with Danny telling us about the dissapointment that is Las Vegas, we go way off topic and then its pretty much all down hill :).

In games week we talk Forced, Rome 2, Civ 5, Batman Origins, Diablo 3 and mucho mucho more!

Imminent releases has us reading off SO MANY games and the birth of the new generation of consoles! Exciting!

News on the other hand has us a little down with so crud news regarding the cancelation of CNC, boo.

We have an energetic subject of the week, Games vs every other Hobby, where everyone apart from Radarhead is just utterly wrong! :) 


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