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A funny, lively podcast produced by avid videogamers, about video games, how they effect our lives, the news and information around them and the occasional hilarity and memories we take away from it all.

Hello and welcome to episode 176 of the GameOverCast!

This weeks show is brought to you by Jay, Nijinsky, Radarhead and Danny!

The show opens with us thinking about the up and coming episode 200, Jay makes us stand to attention with some Spanish awesomeness, And Radar is joyful over the return of his (slightly stinky) PS3!

In games we talks Demon's souls, Bioshock Infinity, Dead Island, Xcom Enemy Within, Battleblock theatre, the terrifying Outlast and mucho mucho more!

Gaming news talks the possibility of Last of us 2, The Transformers MOTA (?) and the horrible subject of video game films rears its head again.....

We close out with some awesome emails(with awesome accents) from the very best of listeners!


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Hello and welcome to episode 175 of the gameovercast!

This weeks show features Ninazu, Nijinsky and Radarhead.  This week weeks shows opens with a suprise, I won't spoil it here but needless to say the other members didn't see this coming!

In games we talk PS4 vs XBoxOne (again, but eher is a good reason for this honest!), don't starve, Dark Souls, Dota 2(and how bad we are at it), Guacomelee, Resogun and muhco mucho more!

Imminent releases has us super excited about Dark Souls 2, Thief and Titanfall!

In news we shrug at the news Nintendo are allowing their first party characters to be used by third parties (i.e McDonalds!!!), GTA V has sold all the copies and made ALL the money....  

We finish off with a subject of the week, the subject: Have we reached the final generation of handheld gaming?

We finish with a gaming related subject of the week: What does Indie gaming mean nowadays?

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Hello and welcome to the incredibly late, episode 174!!!

This week we have Danny, Tom and Radarhead holding the audio line against the January lull. The show opens with Radarhead having a big announcement, talking a little about Paris, and then it all goes down hill from there... In games we talk Banner Saga, Divinity Dragon Commander, Xcom Enemy Within, Gravity Rush, Bioshock Infinite DLC and mucho mucho more! We close out with news as we Smack our heads in confusion about Elder Scrolls pricing plan, Kings attempting to stop Banner Saga form using the word Saga in their title and we kind of hmm at the PS Vita Slim..... Enjoy! Email us with any questions you may have for the show at Subscribe to us on I-TUNES and please leave a written review, and follow our RSS feed here -Radarhead
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