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A funny, lively podcast produced by avid videogamers, about video games, how they effect our lives, the news and information around them and the occasional hilarity and memories we take away from it all.

Hello and welcome to the VERY late episode 179!

This episode is brought to you by Ninazu, Radarhead and Major tom!

The show opens with podcast fails, and then fails itself, as its nature....

In games we talk the new and improved Diablo 3, HearthStone, Titanfall!! and mucho mucho more!!!

In news we mention Star Citizen breaking more records, Disney fires a bunch of game related people and we get nervous about the Last of us Film...

The show closes with Radarhead raging about Blizzard, while Ninazu and Tom do their best to argue him down....


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Hello and welcome to episode 178 of the GameOverCast!

This week Radar, Ninazu, PJBling, Danny and special guest Arthur Tolmie of Xtreme gaming UK, bring you trouser browning goodness.

The show opens with Danny complaining about the lack of Gaming shops in the UK Capital, Ninazu frying his eyes with dual 27-inch monitors, and we bring back old Lowe events in the podcast.

In games we talk the awesome fun times TitanFall, Hearthstone, Infinite Crisis and PJBling plays Dark Souls!

News has us annoyed at Ubisofts censorship of Southpark the stick of truth, unsure of Valves choice to allow developers to discount their own games, and the unexpected (but not necessarily unwelcome) news that Dean Rocket Hall is stepping down from lead on Dayz.

We finish the show with some absolutely awesome emails from equally awesome e mailers.

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Hello and welcome to a slightly different episode 177!

This weeks audio/visual disaster is brought to you by Ninazu, Nijinsky and Jay!

For this show the guys try something a little different, a youtube hangout cast. Its very rough around the edges, but a good start and next time we do it, it'll be of a much better quality (oh the things we have learnt).

In games we talk Titanfall, Final Fantasy, Hearthstone, Demon's Souls and mucho more.

News has the guys smacking their foreheads at flappy bird news, and shocked at the new Irrational games is to shut.



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