The GameOverCast
A funny, lively podcast produced by avid videogamers, about video games, how they effect our lives, the news and information around them and the occasional hilarity and memories we take away from it all.

Hello and welcome to episode 199, this week we talk the new limited edition Majoras mask 3ds, Homeworld Remastered, Total War Attila, Evolve, Company of Heroes 2 Ardennes assault and mucho mucho more!

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Join Radar and Jay as they talk gibberish, like films such as Jupiter Rising, Sci fi kindle books and then come to the realisation as to why we don't ever review films or books. Enjoy!

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Join Jay, Nij and Radar as they explore the curves and features of the videos games.

Including Homeworld Remastered, FarCry 4, Alien Isolation, Drive Club, Need for speed rivals, Wolfenstein, Arma 3 Battle Royal, IDARB and mucho mucho mucho more.


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