The GameOverCast
A funny, lively podcast produced by avid videogamers, about video games, how they effect our lives, the news and information around them and the occasional hilarity and memories we take away from it all.

Join Radar Nijinsky and Major Ulysses Tom on the penultimate episode of the GameOverCast!

This week we talk Mucho Witcher 3, Monster Hunter on the 3DS, and ShadowRun Dragonfall.

In imminent releases we talk every game coming out ever! And then in News we find out that theres going to be a game based in and around Manchester!

Enjoy and remember send your finale emails to

Wow... last time I will ever right that email address in one of these.... 

Gonna miss you guys.



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Hello and welcome to episode 199.3 of the gameovercast!

This week: Pillars of Eternity, This war of mine, GTA V on the pc, Dark Souls 2 Sins of the First Scholar, Star Wars Galaxies, Cities Skylines and mucho mucho mucho more!


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