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Hello and welcome to episode 189 of the GameOverCast!

This weeks show brought to you by Danny Tom Nij and Radarhead!

The show opens with Nij losing his mobile because of the podcast, and then on to Nij giving up the reigns to his Final Fantasy MMO Guild.... Freedom? We shall see. 

Radar talks much DOTA international 4 and the hospitality of an awesome listener.

In games we talk more Destiny, Rome Total War 2, Age of Mythology, Wolfenstein the new order and mucho mucho more!

In news we talk TI4s crazy prize pool, Virgin sending out warning letters to pirates, The last of us one night only causes much contention on the show, Radar gets angry, Tom and Danny shrug.

We close the show with some great little prizes to giveaway for Hearthstone, and an awesome email!



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Hello and welcome to episode 183 of the GameOverCast!

This week Nijinsky, Radar, Major tom and a drunk Danny drop the gaming beats.

The show opens with Tom regretting a missed opportunity, and then Nijinsky reveals to us the internal strife faced in every day Guild leading.

In games we talk Arma 3, Uncharted Vita, Dragon Age 1 and 2 and mucho more.

Imminent releases and news get kind of mixed up, and we end up getting further confused about Daylight, and surprised at their Bungie music news.

The show closes with a truly legendary Hall of fame Entry (teehee).


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Hello and welcome to episode 182 of the GameOverCast!

This week Nijinsky, Radar, Danny and Tom bring the hate.

The show opens with the good news that Nijinsky is now engaged, woop! Radar breaks protocol and passionately talks something completely unrelated to gaming.....

In games we talk mor Titan fall, FTL Advanced edition, Dragon Age 2 and mucho more.

In news Radar gets ragey about Notch, Molyneux and Bruce Lee?!

The show closes with us discussing whether Atari deserves the reputation it has.


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Hello and welcome to episode 181!

This week Jay, Radar and Nij bring the pain(in the ears)!

Nij tells us how he wasted money on a Final Fantasy 14 musical Blue ray, and then he goes on to his epic struggle to get his PC working again.

In games we talk Titan Fall, Final Fanatasy 14, Dragon Age Origins and Nij goes all retro on us!

We talk the old Oculus rift news (The shock of Facebook buying them), and finish with some Awesome emails from our awesome listeners, and an odd music advertising request.....


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Hello and welcome to Episode 180 of the GameOverCast (which should have been up a week ago, and infact Radarhead thought he had uploaded it...)!

This week featuring Jay, Radarhead, Ninazu, Tom and Danny (DP) Palmer!

The show opens with Radarhead talking about the oddity of being out of his man cave for so long, Danny turns his living room into a man cave, regardless of his housemates.

In games we Talk all aspects of Titanfall. AND THEN we talk all aspects of Dark Souls 2!

Its a good week.

We move on to a terrible gaming quiz, the subject : Darksouls and Titanfall.

The show finishes on some awesome emails from our awesome listeners.



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Hello and welcome to the VERY late episode 179!

This episode is brought to you by Ninazu, Radarhead and Major tom!

The show opens with podcast fails, and then fails itself, as its nature....

In games we talk the new and improved Diablo 3, HearthStone, Titanfall!! and mucho mucho more!!!

In news we mention Star Citizen breaking more records, Disney fires a bunch of game related people and we get nervous about the Last of us Film...

The show closes with Radarhead raging about Blizzard, while Ninazu and Tom do their best to argue him down....


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Hello and welcome to episode 176 of the GameOverCast!

This weeks show is brought to you by Jay, Nijinsky, Radarhead and Danny!

The show opens with us thinking about the up and coming episode 200, Jay makes us stand to attention with some Spanish awesomeness, And Radar is joyful over the return of his (slightly stinky) PS3!

In games we talks Demon's souls, Bioshock Infinity, Dead Island, Xcom Enemy Within, Battleblock theatre, the terrifying Outlast and mucho mucho more!

Gaming news talks the possibility of Last of us 2, The Transformers MOTA (?) and the horrible subject of video game films rears its head again.....

We close out with some awesome emails(with awesome accents) from the very best of listeners!


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Featuring Planetary annihalation, and mucho more.

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Hello and welcome to episode 102!

This week Jay, Radarhead, Gibson, Nijinksy and Thunderpants bring you disjointed re-edited car crash, WOOP!

We open with inaugurating Nijinsky to the podcats, and Gibson is very ungrateful about the PC Radar donated to him.

In Games they talk Endless Space, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Mass effect, Spelunky and mucho more!

In news we talk about Xbox 720 potantially being upgradable, and we discuss Valves project green light...

We have a quiz the topic: Name the year this famous gaming character made their debut!

We have emails, discuss the origin of the word PWNED and have lost of fun, honest!

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Hello and welcome to episode 64 of the GameOverCast.

A stonking episode this week with your host Radarhead, Ninazu, Major Tom and special guest Sinan Kubba freelance journalist and host of Big Red Potion podcast.

We discuss whether having your credit card details saved online is a good thing if it can lead to erroneous game purchasing when drunk, a real low point for one of the cast.  Radarhead has a new toy for grown ups sporting a huge 50 inches of visual stimulation.  Sinan is getting lost in the world of previews, sometimes all games blend into one...

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was released and despite some small niggles I think we might have liked it a little.  We go handheld with 2 IOS games that Sinan has been playing, including a hot off the press review of Tiny Invaders released this week.  Oh and we have been tanking, much more tanking.

N-n-news, Steam are offering refunds for From Dust, the Halo Trilogy gets a name and 3D headsets are back?!

More epic interviews from Gamescom this episode featuring Gears of War 3, Halo Anniversary and a preview of Prey 2.  Plus we all get very very excited about Guild Wars 2, drooling is involved.

New releases are not getting us that interested with Driver: San Francisco being the Marmite of games and Bodycount frankly looking abysmal.

We finish off with fun emails and a super competition to win exclusive loot straight from the game developers at Gamescom, you will not want to miss out!

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- Ninazu

- Ninazu

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